Bob puts the SuperStol XL through it’s paces at Just Aircraft’s USA factory

Bob puts the SuperStol XL through it’s paces at Just Aircraft’s USA factory

On a recent visit to the Just Aircraft factory in South Carolina, Bob Pooler (Director of Avalanche Aviation) spent some time with the factory Test Pilot, Harrison Smith, putting this SuperStol XL through it’s paces.

In anticipation of our own UK SuperStol demonstrator being ready to fly very shortly, Bob took the opportunity to experience the full flying capabilities of the SuperStol.

Bob commented “the take off and initial rate of climb is unbelievable. During climb out, the pitch angle is spectacular and gives an indication of how much fun can be had with this amazing aeroplane. The landings are extremely short with even a “normal” approach and landing giving an impressive landing roll of four to five fuselage lengths. This with two full size adults and more than half tanks of fuel. When you get around to short field landings you can stop the aeroplane within two fuselage lengths.

Main wheel tyre pressures of 6psi and the long stroke, gas strut shocks allow safe landings to be made on very soft or rough surfaces including, rocks and debris.

Even with the 29″ Alaskan Airstreak tundra tyres fitted, we were able to cruise comfortably at 110mph. I flew the aircraft from both the left and right hand seats and found it to be viceless and easy to fly.

The stall is uneventful with no discernable break or wing drop. Instead, it appears to be descending like a parachute, thanks to it’s high lift wing design, incorporating full span leading edge slats and large Fowler flaps.

It is very difficult to fly this aircraft without a smile on your face”.

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